Haleem- Spicy Meat, wheat and lentil porridge.

Haleem is a traditional Hyderbadi Indian dish. It is slow cooked with spices, meat and pulses to form am irristably smooth porridge. It is traditionally served during the Holy month of Ramadan.

I made this dish serveral times during the past few years, but had never tasted it made by a Hyderbadi (I am Egyptian/Aussie). So last weekend my husand and I tried it at our local Hyderbadi specialist (Labbaik on Murray rd Preston is THE BEST Biryani maker in northern subs of Melb) and I couldnt resist but make it again during the week.

It takes a few hours of slow slow cooking and requires patience with stirring so not to burn the bottom, but this dish is worth it, especially when you tuck into a warm bowl in this freezing Melbourne weather!

You will need:

1 kg chuck steak or lamb shanks, plus marrow bones for flavour

0.5 cup barley

0.5 cup burghul

1/3 cup each urad dal, red lentils, moong dhal,

1 cup oats

1 cup chana dhal

3 tablespoon ginger

2 tablespoon garlic

4.5 tablespoons madras powder- I recommend Pattu Brand (or you can use haleem powder)

3/4 cup oil (1 to 1.5 cups would give a smoother porridge)

0.5  tsp ground cloves

1 tsp garam optional

one large onion thinly sliced and fried in oil, plus another for garnish

one black cardomom

pinch of cinaamon

Black pepper

(you can use whatver combination of wheat you like, so more barley instead of oats etc)

To make:

Cook the pulses/burghul/oats etc in hot water until soft. Do so seperately so they do not burn.

Fry the onions in oil until golden brown, add meat, spices, ginger/garlic and stir until slightly coloured but do not  burn the spices.

Add water and cover meat and cook until the meaat is tender and breaks apart. Shred the meat and discard the bones.

Add the cooked pulses etc to the meat. Add sufficient water to cook and stir regularly until the porridge is smooth and the meat is stringy with no lumps.

Season well and serve with lemon, corriander/mint leaves, fried onions and julliened ginger.


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