Creamy Tomato Pasta

I am always wondering what to pack my husband for lunch:


Sandwiches become soggy

Curries are too smelly

Creamy pasta too often


So last week I ventured the pasta sauce isle for inspiration. I pick up a jar of creamy tomato pasta sauce and ready the back for ingredients. ”I can make that” I think to myself.. and it was a winner with my husband! A sure staple on our lunch menu.

For about 4 serves (500 gms pasta)

one can diced tomato ( I used one with olives because I bought it by mistake, but works great)

one medium onion – finely diced

two garlic cloves minced

oregano- 2 tablespoons (or any of your favourite herbs)

salt and a pinch of sugar to taste (sugar is used if the tomatoes arent very sweet)

1/2 cup cream

250 gm pasta

olives/sundried tomatoes (chopped- optional)

To make:

Saute onions of medium heat in some olive oil util soft. Add tomatoes and remaining ingredients (except for cream) and cook on a low heat until completely cooked and softened. Add enough water to cook, but reduce when almost done as you do not want a soup!

The longer you let it cook (about 20-30 mins) the better the flavour. You know it is ready when the oil separates from the sauce.

Add desired amount of cream at the end, and olives/sundried tomatoes if you want to. Heat through and mix with your favourite pasta.

This sauce freezes well!



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