Tips for soft chapattis

It can be a bit tricky making chapattis, with  the wrong technique they can become really dry, or dense and chewy.

Here are a few tips to  making soft, pliable chapattis:

1- Make sure you do not use too much flour when making the dough. your dough should contain approx 50% water

2-Do not roll out too thick or else it will be too dense and chewy.

3- Do not roll out too thin or else it will be too crunchy

4- Ensure the dough is evenly flattened for even cooking

5- Wipe your hotplate clean between uses to get rid of blackened specs of flour which can stick to your chapatti

6- The temp of your hotplate is really important, too hot and it will burn the outside, too cold and it will take too long to cook and may dry out.

7- Ideal heat is medium high.

8- Cook first side of chapatti for about 1 min(long enough for the bottom to cook but not gain color), flip over for the other side.

9- You need to press down on the chapatti for it to puff up and cook thoroughly. Use a paper towel to protect your fungers from the heat. Make sure you press on all edges to ensure even cooking. You can flip over to puff more and properly cook both sides.

10- Chapattis are done when all raw or wet looking bits are now opaque. Minima colouring should be seen.

11- Store covered with a teatowel if not eaten hot.


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