Fish filled cabbage rolls

I was going through some of my old pics and came across one of a delicious seafood dish I made a few years back. It is super healthy, low in fat and ideal for the warmer weather.

You will need:

500 gms rockling fillets (or any other fish fillets of your liking)- finely minced with a knife or food processor

1 clove garlic (minced)

1 tablespoon minced ginger

salt and pepper to taste

splash of fish sauce (optional but adds nice flavour and saltiness)

finely chopped fresh corriander leaves (optional)

large cabbage leaves (blanched in hot water to soften)

To make:

mix all ingredients together (except the cabbage) and check the seasoning by cooking a small piece in a pan if unsure. Roll some of the fish mix in  part of the cabbage leaf you cut to desired size. Roll tightly and place the rolls in the steamer. Steam until fish is cooked (you can tell by gently pressing on the roll and seeing if it has firmed up)

Serve with some dipping sauce (this was a thai style chilli, ginger, lime and fish sauce dip) and enjoy!



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