Sushi – Cooked Tuna Hand-roll

With a bit of practice, sushi can be enjoyed at home, at a fraction of the cost of outside. Here is how I make it.

For the rice: (makes about 4-6 full nori sheets)

1.5 cups of sushi rice -cook according to packet instructions

4 tablespoons rice wine vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon salt

For the filling: (makes about 2-3 full nori sheets)

1 large can (185gm) of sandwich tuna in oil- drained

2 tablespoons whole egg mayonaise – I use reduced fat Praise whole egg mayonaise (more or less to taste)

1 teaspoon sesame seeds

Avocado, cucumber fingers, lettuce or any other vegetable of your choice. (optional)

Mix everything together

To make:

Mix the vinegar, salt and sugar together until dissolved. You can use the whole amount on the rice, or less if you want a milder taste. Mix well with the rice, and ensure the rice is fully cooled before rolling the sushi..

Place about 1/3 or less of the rice on a sheet of nori. Spread it out to a few mms thick. Place mixed tuna filling on the rice, add vegetables and roll to form a sushi roll.

Slice up into desired poriton sizes and serve with soy sauce.


Do not use full amount of sushi seasoning at once. Add half, then mix and taste. You may prefer to use less or more.

Have a bowl filled with water handy to wet your fingers as you spread out the rice. It prevents it from sticking to your hands.


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