Spinach and Cheese Triangles

Spinach and cheese pies are an all-time favourite. I dont know anyone who doesnt like them.

Fresh spinach is all over the markets these days.. so best to make use of them because these pies are much nicer with fresh spinach compared to frozen.

You will need (makes about 12)

1 bunch of fresh spinach (English variety)- washed very well to remove all grit and chopped roughly into about 1 cm pieces.

One large onion (to taste and depending on the size of your bunch)- chopped

Sprinkle of pepper (not too much as it may overpower the delicate flavour of the spinach)

Puff pastry (can also use filo pastry)- about 3 sheets

Fetta cheese or ricotta, or a combination of the two

Mozarella cheese (optional)

Egg wash (one egg whisked with 2 tablespoons milk)

To make:

Saute the onions a few tablespoons of oil until half cooked, add the spinach and saute for around 2 minutes, or until wilted and juices have run out of the spinach. Do not overcook.

Allow to stand and you can strain in a collander to remove excess juice.

Place in a bowl with a sprinkling of pepper. Now time to add the cheese. How much cheese you use is up to you. For around 2 cups of cooked spinach you will need about 3/4 cup of fetta cheese (if you like a salty version) or you can use a 50/50 mixture of fetta and rictotta.

Mix everything together and make sure the filling is cool before you fill the pastry so it doesnt go soggy.

Cut your puff pastry sheets into the desired shape (i just cut into 4 squares) and fill with about 2 tablespoons of the filling Make sure not to overfill your pastry, otherwise they will pop and leak.

Seal pastries well and you can brush with some egg wash if desired

Bake in a moderate preheated oven (180 deg) until golden from top and bottom and puffed up.

Can be eated warm or cold. Enjoy!


  • Make sure you wash your spinach really well.. you would be surprised at how much dirt can remain even after washing several times.
  • Sweet corn can be added to the filling (saute with the onions). They compliment the cheese and spinach perfectly.
  • I sometimes like to add a handful of mozarella cheese for some stretch as well as an egg for extra richness.
  • Be sure not to thaw your pastry for too long or else they will become too floppy to work with. If it gets to warm, place it again in the fridge to firm up.

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