Ruz Bilaban- Rice Pudding

If you have only ever tasted rice pudding from your supermarket fridge, it is time to try it homemade. The difference is amazing!

This is one of those desserts that you need during winter.. keeps you warm.. and is really easy to make.

For about 4 servings you will need:

1 litre of milk (use 750 mls first)

One cup of white rice

1/2 cup of white sugar (more or less to taste)

Vanilla flavouring (I used about 3 tablespoons vanilla sugar)

To make:

Bring milk (750 mls) to the boil and add the rice. Stir in well.

Lower the heat to a simmer and allow to cook for 10-15 mins, stirring constantly so it doesnt stick, burn or overflow.

If you find you need more milk add the remaining amount. Lower the heat. Keep stirring and cooking until the rice is well cooked and the consitency of the pudding is like thick cream.

Add sugar and vanilla at the end, stirring well to ensure it is well dissolved.

Divide into serving bowls or ramekins while still hot and allow to set at room temperature or in the fridge.

You can garnish with dissicated coconut, chopped nuts or sultanas.


Do not wash you rice before using, as you need the starch to thicken the pudding.

You may need  more than 1 L of milk depending on the kind of rice you are using. Just add 1/3 cup at a time if you feel it needs more until it is fully cooked.


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