Beef and Veggie Pie

The cold weather has well and truly hit Melbourne.. weather like this loves pies.. and so do I.

For the filling you will need: (makes 5 individual pies)

500 gms beef (chuck beef is best but I used topside)

3 medium onions

One medium carrot  (chopped)

2 medium garlic cloves (crushed)

One medium potato (chopped)

Celery stalk (chopped-optional)

Corn and peas (approx 1 cup)

2 bayleaves (optional)

3 teaspoons sage or other dry herbs

Half a teaspoon of kecap manis (optional)

Salt and pepper to taste

Few tablespoons of flour

Puff pastry

One egg + one tablespoon of milk, whisked together for an egg wash.

To make:

Coat the beef pieces in flour and fry off in some oil until they pic up a brown colour.

Add onions and saute for a few minutes. Add a few cups of water and allow the beef to cook until tender (mine took about 1 hr).Scrape off all the brown bits from the bottom of the pan and add the garlic and other seasonings. When almost done, add all your vegetables and cook.

If too thin, add a tablespoon or so extra flour until desired gravy thickness is achieved, or reduce uncovered for a few minutes. You want to have a consistency like shown below.

Place cooled filling in a baking dish (i made individual ones in small ramikens) and cover with a double layer of puff pastry which you have stuck together using the egg wash. Glaze the surface with egg wash and seal the edges well with extra puff pastry. Cut some holes into the top of the pastry to allow the pie to ” breathe” and not pop open.

Bake in a medium heat oven until golden and puffed.

Dig in and enjoy!


  • The browning process of the meat is very important in building the flavour for this pie. If your pan isnt  large enough, fry the beef in batches so they pick  up colour and do not stew.
  • You can add any herbs you like to this: thyme, marjoram, parsely etc.
  • Mushrooms work great with beef in pies, so use them if you want.

2 thoughts on “Beef and Veggie Pie

  1. SubhanAllah, I was thinking of making a pie, but couldnt find any recipes that tickled my fancy, but this one looks perfect! I can put it into a big pie dish though, instead of those tiny things right?

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