Quick and Healthy: Spiced Chicken and Vegetable Couscous

These days I have been quite nice to myself… I dont spend too much time in the kitchen. That doesnt mean taste is compromised!

Couscous is a great carrier of flavours, and super easy to make. I believe it works best with middle eastern spices: cinnamon, cloves, corriander (and sometimes cumin and minced ginger if I am in the mood).

You will need:

One skinless chicken breast (chopped into 1-2cm cubes)

One large clove of garlic

Half a medium onion (chopped)- optional

1 teaspoon corriander powder (more or less depending on how much couscous you are making)

sprinkle of cinnamon powder (more or less to taste)

couple of whole cloves

Pinch of chilli powder (you want a hint of chilli not too much)

salt and pepper to taste

Veggies of your choice (I used chopped carrots, frozen peas and fresh corn, cauliflour works well with this as well)

Couple of tablespoons of oil

1.5 cups of couscous (enough for 3-4 serves)

To make:

You can marinate the chicken in the spice/onion/garlic mix but i dont have time to do that.

Have some boiling water handy.

Saute the onions and carrots for a couple of minutes in the oil until 1/3 cooked, then add the chicken and stir-fry until it picks up some colour. Add corriander powder, cloves and minced garlic. Stir fry until fragrant (approx 30 seconds, being careful not to burn the spices).

Add enough water to cook the couscous (this depends on how much you are making). At this point I add about 2.5 cups of water with the peas, corn and remaning spices.

Bring to the boil, season well and then add couscous, making sure you have sufficient water but not too much. Cook as you would normally cook your couscous (I sometimes cook on the heat or allow to fluff up without any heat)

Serve with wedge of lemon if you like the tang, otherwise enjoy as it is!


  • This basic mix of flavours works exceptionally well with pressure cooked lamb (i add half a large tomato and bay leaf to the broth). The end result will blow you away!
  • Chopped fresh corriander is a lovely compliment to the flavours of this dish.

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