Berry Ice-cream

I had bottle of cream teasing me with its best before date for a few weeks now. Ice-cream was my only choice as I hardly use cream otherwise… so ice-cream it was!

I’ve only made mango ice-cream once a few years back and it was delicious.. Today I made it with berries.

What you will need:

300 gms frozen mixed berries (i used creative gourmet brand)

0.75 to 1 cup of castor sugar

1 cup thickened cream

1 cup full fat milk

Two tablespoons fresh lemon juice (optional)


Blend berries and sugar until smooth. (start off with less sugar as this will depend on the sweetness of the berries and your taste)

Mix with cream and milk. Whisk gently for a couple of minutes until slightly thickened and sugar is fully disolved.

Taste mix add lemon juice if you want it a bit tart in taste. Add more sugar if necesary.. mixing well to ensure no crystals remain.

Wrap with cling wrap or place a lid on a bowl and place in the freezer. Check on it every 30-60 mins (depending on how cold your freezer is) and churn with a fork. This will ensure your ice-cream is beautiful and light rather than a slab of ice. You will need to do this 3-5 times.


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