Pumpkin and sage pasta sauce

I am not a huge pasta fan.. but my husband is. He has been nicely hinting at the fact that he hasnt eaten pasta in a while.. so pasta it was.

This recipe was a definite hit at home, and super easy to make!

For the pumpkin sauce you will need:

Approx 3 cups of finely chopped pumpkin (I used butternut)

One medium onion finely chopped

5- 6 ladels of chicken stock (I use home made but you can use water and some chicken stock powder if you dont have fresh)

One medium tomato (finely grated)

A few tablespoons of oil


1/2 clove of garlic (minced)

Some dry sage

50-100 ml light cream

1 tsp tomato paste

ground white pepper


Saute onions until almost cooked. Saute pumpkin until it starts to cook from the outside.Add tomato puree, lower heat and add some stock. Add a bit at a time and reduce. Stir occasionally to ensure it doesnt burn. Once pumpkin is cooked season to taste.

You made add the extras and cook until sauce is smooth. Add the cream at the very end (30 seconds before removing from  heat).

Add your sauce to your favourite pasta. You may grate some parmesan cheese and decorate with fresh basil or sage if you have them handy.

While my husband enjoyed this, I had an asianstyle chicken and veg soup.. my idea of comfort food!


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