Here we go again..

I have to admit this isnt my first ever food blog.. I either get too lazy or too busy to update my recipes.. OR i lose my camera so I dont have any pics of the end result.

This time I am hoping it will be different. I really enjoy cooking and documenting my recipes. My family and friends all enjoy eating  my food.. but most importantly I love it too 😀

A bit about me:

I am a twenty something (ok maybe a bit more than something) year old optometrist with a passion for food, recently married to a wonderful man : )

I started cooking when I was around 13. My signature dish used to be a mean home made pizza : )

My interest in cooking though really came about when i was in my mid-teens when i was becoming more health concious. I had to think of creative ways of making healthy food taste delicious.

My uni days were also filled with midnight trips to the kitchen, whipping up awesome meals to keep me going. Then after that it sort of became my job to cook for everyone else at home..

To me knowing how to cook is a survival thing. Why spend so much on food at a restaurant when I can make it at home? I usually go to different places to try new food.. crack their code if you will.. then replicate it at home : D

I hope I can inspire others to cook (especially my husband).. I will have easy step by step instructions for you to try and enjoy my meals. (You listening??)

Also my food philosphy is if it aint good for you.. leave it out (mostly). You will notice many of my recipes are lower in fat than usual. If isnt essential for taste, or I cant afford to burn it off at the gym.. I aint eating it… BUT it still tastes gooood 😉


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